What We Do

Canaan Valley Institute’s Mission


Canaan Valley Institute’s mission is to help communities through the Mid-Atlantic Highlands make self-determined improvements that will sustain them for years to come.

The Institute is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit, non-advocacy organization committed to enhancing the ability of stakeholders of the region to improve and preserve the natural resources of their watersheds.

CVI helps communities realize their own solutions to problems that threaten their economic or environmental resources.

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Habitat Restoration

CVI is working with landowners, local communities, and agency partners to restore natural stream corridors and wetlands that provide clean water, wildlife habitat, and other benefits.

Wastewater Management

CVI is committed to providing high-quality wastewater treatment at affordable costs to small, rural, and low-income communities.

Environmental Education

CVI continually promotes environment-based education as a tool for increasing community vitality, ecological integrity, and academic achievement.

 Our economy is dependent on clean water. Rural communities striving to be full of life and spirit need clean water. If water resources are degraded it becomes increasingly difficult to draw in new business, retain workers, and sustain an economically viable community. Unfortunately, 75% of stream miles in the central Appalachian region are in poor condition. At Canaan Valley Institute we understand the value of clean water to the future of our region, and we use our expertise to restore and protect this vital resource.