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Stream Restoration
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The economic and environmental challenges of the central Appalachian region are closely linked. Water resources form the foundation of our economic activity and if our water systems are degraded it becomes increasingly difficult to draw in new businesses, retain workers, and sustain an economically viable community. The simple truth is our economy is dependent on clean water.

Canaan Valley Institute’s mission is to ensure our region has healthy streams — a critical economic engine for rural communities. CVI’s approach to ensuring clean and healthy rivers is particularly important because our work creates positive results environmentally AND economically:

• vibrant communities where people want to work, live, and play
• educational programs that teach our young people, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the workforce
• healthy streams and rivers that serve as a vital resource in our quest to attract businesses from agriculture to manufacturing
• sustainable tourism businesses that depend on water-based recreation opportunities

The experts at Canaan Valley Institute help stimulate community discussion by providing the tools – scientific and human – needed to encourage healthy, vibrant, and sustainable economies. We have focused our expertise into three programs:

• stream restoration to protect property, infrastructure, and recreation
• rural wastewater treatment to remove raw sewage from rural communities
• environment-based education to improve student achievement and stewardship through engagement in their community

CVI's greatest asset is our staff; a dedicated and diverse group of individuals who firmly believe that local people can make a difference in solving their communities' concerns. Our technology is cutting edge, our expertise unparalleled and accessible, and our commitment 100 percent. Together we can move forward to provide clean water today and opportunities for tomorrow.

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