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Stream Restoration
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Engaging Youth

Canaan Valley Institute believes that our young population is a fierce tool for creating positive change in our communities, our watersheds, and our world. By engaging youth in the world around them, we provide them with the opportunity, and the responsibility, to develop solutions to our communities’ challenges and become engaged citizens.

We are committed to promoting environment-based education as a tool for increasing community vitality, ecological integrity, and academic achievement. Environment-based education is an approach that immerses student in their local resources and utilizes their community as a foundation for curriculum.

For more than 10 years, Canaan Valley Institute has worked with schools, nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and local and state agencies to develop educational programs that engage students in meaningful learning experiences in their natural world. We strive to work with organizations and schools to develop programs that help students understand problems, gather information, evaluate alternatives, and implement solutions.

Specific organizational assistance and support may include:

• program planning and development
• program implementation
• professional development
• grant-writing
• community resource identification and partnership building
• curriculum development and co-teaching in the classroom

For more information about CVI’s education programs, please contact Kristin Mielcarek, at 304.940.3443.



Energy Day Camp

Eighth-grade Energy Experience

River Restoration Excursion Train Trip
Friday, June 3, 2016

Project WET

Past Projects:

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WV Sustainable Schools
Crellin Corps of Discovery
Youth Science Discovery Experience
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