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Stream Restoration
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Clean Water | Strong Communities

Our economy is dependent on clean water. Rural communities striving to be full of life and spirit need clean water. If water resources are degraded it becomes increasingly difficult to draw in new businesses, retain workers, and sustain an economically viable community. Unfortunately, 75% of stream miles in the central Appalachian region are in poor condition. At Canaan Valley Institute we understand the value of clean water to the future of our region, and we use our expertise to restore and protect this vital resource.

How We Contribute

Canaan Valley Institute assesses, plans, designs, and constructs projects to improve water quality. We work closely with local partners and clients to restore eroding streambanks, enhance habitat in streams and wetlands, improve wastewater treatment, and engage students in hands-on education. At the heart of our success and CVI's greatest asset is our staff, a dedicated and diverse group of individuals who firmly believe that local people can make a difference in solving their communities' concerns. Our combination of thoughtful problem solving and dedication to rural communities makes our organization unique in the region.

Our Partners

Downstream Strategies offers services that combine sound interdisciplinary skills with a core belief in the importance of protecting the environment and linking economic development with natural resource stewardship. Downstream Strategies is considered the go-to source for objective, data-based analyses, plans and actions that strengthen economies, sustain healthy environments and build resilient communities.

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